Top Beyoncé controversies: ‘Renaissance’ confronting utter conflicts since its release, here’s what we know so far


Since the grandiose launch of Beyonce’s first solo studio release, ‘Renaissance’, it is tangled into terrific turmoils, resulting to “pandemonium”. It’s also reported to be consequent to several controversies as soon as it ushers into the mass. And it’s those controversies that are coming into consciousness and limelight, getting spicy publicity more than the album itself.

‘Renaissance’ is the seventh studio album by American singer Beyoncé, released on July 29, 2022, under the banner of Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. It’s her first solo studio release since Lemonade (2016) and the first installment of a trilogy project.

It’s true that the recent tidings about Kelis and “Milkshake” is the latest of all the conflicts regarding Renaissance. The incident caused upon a step taken by Beyonce herself. When Beyoncé removed a sample of the song “Milkshake”(2003) from the ‘Renaissance’ track on tuesday, the hitmaker of “Milkshake” Kelis accuses her of “theft” for allegedly not telling her about the sample.

On Thursday, the fellow R&B singer Kelis, remonstrances on this issue, for a sample of her song on the star’s upcoming album Renaissance. Taking to her Instagram handle, discussing the sample of a her single, which is listed on leaked credits for the Renaissance track “Energy,” Kelis pens, “it’s not a collab, it’s theft.”

Moreover, the controversies are not only regarding the Kelis conflict rather the initiation of these truffles encompassing ‘Renaissance’ was occurring, even before it was officially launched.
The album was leaked online days before its release date. Bulk of people in utter excitements started deciphering the lyrics and sharing the song collection while few of them vowed to honour their idol Beyonce by waiting the album to get officially released.

Another conflicts that aroused public backlash regarding Renaissance is the Lyrics on the track “Heated”. It’s the use of the ableist slur “s**z” on the track. The term comes from the word “spastic,” which refers to the disability “spastic cerebral palsy.”
Notably, the music superstar Lizzo also used the same slur in the single “Grrrls” but later, changed the lyric after the track was released in June.
It’s a recent announcement from Beyoncé’s representatives that let us know she will edit out the term from “Heated” too.

Priorly, in Beyoncé’s eponymous fifth album in 2013, there also held a dispute regarding the lyrics in an older song “Partition” which was requested by Monica Lewinsky to change for the track was a reference to Lewinsky’s affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

During the fluster over “Heated”, on Monday Lewinsky tweeted poking this issue.
Her tweet reads, “[U]hmm, while we’re at it… #Partition,” and it contains a link to an article about the “Heated” controversy. Beyoncé has nowhere gave an attention to “Partition,” but Lewinsky got bullied on Twitter from fans.


All over, if we look at the reviews there are both black and white. While some of Renaissance’s raunchier lyrics, are immensely celebrated by many of the social media users while others have expressed aversion.
According to a report, “Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade agrees with listeners who have said that Beyoncé’s words have gone too far.”

On Monday, Kilmeade, being the guest host appearance in the American talk show ‘The Ingraham Angle’ speculates the removal of “s**z” from “Heated”.

Kilmeade concurred with Raymond Arryo that Beyonce shouldn’t have used such languages because”she’s a parent” when Arryo mentioned Beyoncé uses the N-word on Renaissance, as well as “filthy terms for male/female genitalia,”.

Kilmeade further says, “We haven’t really seen her in a while. Barely dressed, dancing around, and now she comes back more vile than ever, putting out X-rated lyrics,”

Another allegation adhering to songwriter credits aroused from Diane Warren that encompassing the Renaissance track “Alien Superstar”. Warren being the songwriter of massive hits “If I Could Turn Back Time” (Cher) and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (Aerosmith), manifested anger to the Beyhive on Monday for asking on Twitter, “How can there be 24 writers on a song?”

The aftermath didn’t come out favourable for Warren as she was lashed out from many people of this tweet.
The-Dream—a collaborator on Renaissance—was among the many people who lashed out at Warren,
“Btw I know it’s not a one on one writing contest you looking for from no one over here…… you don’t want that smoke. And you know I love you, but come on. Stop acting like your records haven’t been sampled.”
Warren replied apologetically, “Ok, I meant no disrespect to Beyonce, who I’ve worked with and admire. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

“Beyoncé? vile? You know mom’s don’t stop being sensual women when they give birth right? If you and your wife schedule bi-weekly love making that’s your business. I think you have a twisted view of women in America,” read one tweet that was typical of the Beyhive’s reaction.