Top 10 Garba songs for Navratri 2021

Garba nights give people an excuse to forget all their turmoils, have fun with friends and family, and of course, put on the flashiest clothes to gleam in a crowd. But most important of all is the music to set the tone for the celebration.

Navratri is a nine-day-long festival devoted to the nine forms of Goddess Durga. It is celebrated with much fervour and zeal all around the country among the Hindu community but the celebrations always remain open to all. 

While the days of Navratri are dedicated to the worship of the incarnations of Nava Durga, with devotees visiting temples, fasting, and participating in religious rituals and pujas, the nights are reserved for parties and joyous celebrations where devotees let go of their troubles and come together to sing and dance.


Garba is a dance form originating from the state of Gujarat. It is one most synonymous with the festival of Navratri as the dance is often performed in a mob and gives ample opportunity to engage and interact with the community. Often performed just before the Maha Aarti every night, Garba nights are as quintessential to the jovial celebration of Navratri as the Pujas. 

Garba nights give people an excuse to forget all their turmoils, have fun with friends and family, and of course, put on the flashiest clothes to gleam in a crowd. But all this would be inadequate without music to compliment the festivities. After all, music is the heart of every celebration and a great playlist can instantly put everyone in a mood to dance!


Here are 10 songs to add to your Garba playlist this year: 


  1. Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje

From the famous Bollywood movie ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,’ this song has become the highlight of every Garba night. A favourite among all age groups, everyone joins in to dance when played at a party. 

With its thumping beats and traditional flair and grandiose sounding instruments, this song will have the whole crowd hyped up and cheering from the very first note. 


    2. Lal Lal Sanedo 

Released almost two decades ago, Lala Lal Sanedo by Maniraj Barot is still one of the most popular Garba songs ever made. 

It is so famous, in fact, that an infinite number of remixes and remasters of the song made by prominent musicians have surfaced over time to adapt it to the current music trends.  

Still, the original version with its use of traditional folk music instruments has cemented its place in the heart of every Indian. 


    3. Radhe Radhe 

A contemporary sound in the form of a famous Bollywood song, Radhe Radhe is a mix of tradition and hip every youngster craves during festive times. 

Sung by Amit Gupta for the movie ‘Dream Girl,’ the song is produced by DJ duo Meet bros and guarantees the most electrifying drums and intense sounding folk instruments to tap your feet to. 


    4. Maine Payal Hai Chhankai

Sung by the renowned ‘Queen of Garba’ Falguni Pathak, this song flawlessly captures the essence of a Garba celebration. A classic, especially in the Gujarati community, any person connected to the celebration of Navratri is bound to be enraptured with this song. 

A perfect song to break out into crowd dances, playing this at any Garba night will have all the attendees cheering to no end. 


    5. Kesariyo Rang Tane Lagyo

Sung in Gujarati, this song by Hemant Chauhan is more inclined towards the religious sentiments of the attendees. 

Calling out to the incarnations of goddess Durga, this Garba song encompasses the essence of a spiritual hymn with its transcending chorus and devotional lyrics without dampening the spirit of the celebration.


    6. Nagada Sang Dhol

Another Bollywood staple during Garba parties, Nagada sang dhol is a traditional folk song sung by veteran singer Shreya Ghoshal and performed on screen by the beloved actress Deepika Padukone.  

With its deep, reverberating dhols, resounding claps, and harmonious melodies, the song calls everyone to the dance stage to move along to the beat to their heart’s content.  


    7. Pankhadia Tu Udi Jaje 

Released well over a decade ago, Pankhadia Tu Udi Jaje still finds its place in the most popular Garba playlists every year during the Navratri season. 

Sung by Ashit Desai, the song has been originally sung in Gujarati language and makes use of traditional Indian folk instrumentation but seeing the love it has received among people, it has been reworked in many languages and remixed by DJs all over the country to include a more contemporary sounding flair to it. 


    8. Dholida Dhol Dhimo

Sung by several different artists over the years, this song has carved a soft spot for every Garba night attendee. 

Another song with traditional Gujarati lyrics, it makes use of an elaborate drum line using resonating dhols and other percussion instruments to deliver a chorus so catchy and festive, it makes you unable to stop grooving. 


    9. Garbe Ki Raat

The latest to enter the list of Garba favourites, Garbe ki Raat is a modern twist on traditional Gujarat folk music adapted mostly for the younger generations to tap their feet to.

A duet sung by popular singers Rahul Vaidya and Bhoomi Trivedi, the song amplifies the joyful spirits of Garba nights and the dramatic chorus and beats make up for a grand celebration. 


    10. Chudi

Another song by the Garba Queen Falguni Pathak, Chudi has been a cult classic for over two decades in every Navratri celebration. 

Released for the first time in 1998, this track has garnered love from all generations in any community. Play this song on a Garba night and you’ll be taken back to your childhood days to experience all your nostalgic memories!