Sona Mohapatra criticizes Janhvi Kapoor starrer Roohi’s new song ‘Nadiyon Paar’

Sona Mohapatra speaks on Janhvi Kapoor’s Roohi new song ‘Nadiyon Paar’ which is a remix of ‘Let the music play.’

The makers of Roohi dropped their latest song Nadiyon Paar and here’s what Sona Mohapatra thinks about it. On March 3rd, the makers of Roohi released their next song Nadiyon Paar which is a remake of ‘Let the music play’ by Shamur. The original song was released in the early 2000’s and is still a huge hit amongst the masses. The video essentially features Janhvi Kapoor in the music video.

And now Sona Mohapatra has slammed the makers of the song on Twitter. She wrote, “The sorry saga of remixing songs in Bollywood continues,the message that they put out is clear, we have no need or respect for original creators, creation, music composer, lyricists and even singers. What is also says is , that we have no confidence, spine, guts to back the new.”


She went on to add, “The last decade has seen the worst of this state of fear and lack of faith in the creation of new music in Bollywood. I laud the rare few exceptions who continue to believe in our unique legacy of cinematic musicals, where the language of music was so key in taking forward narratives.”

Several people supported Sona Mohapatra, while there were some who called her out for singing songs inspired by a few old songs.

Sona replied to them in a savage manner. Sona in her tweets says that, “She has been making her own songs under the label of Om Grown music through her hard-earned money has turned down several such remake songs for the sake of just staying in Bollywood.