Sana Minatozaki’s part of the south Korean band TWICE, read below to find all the top songs of the band

Read below to find all the top K-Pop songs produced by the band TWICE, one where the singer Sana Minatozaki a part.

K-Pop known singer Sana Minatozaki, originally from Japan has made her way up to the music industry through her work along with her contribution to the band she is a part of,’ Twice’.Read below all the top songs she has worked on-


1.’I Can’t Stop Me ‘ (2020)


As the retro-mania raged on in K-Pop, TWICE was were kind enough to make and slay us with their quite alluring take on synth-wave with ‘I Can’t Sto Me’.This song charmed its way on the way TWICE flirted with danger at every turn, and at times with its glorious and glamourous way almost made us defect to the dark side. With this song, TWICE perfected its image and with streaking confidence, made this one of its best tracks to date.

2.’Like Ooh-Aah ‘ (2015)

Although this might an oldie, it is for sure marks as a goldie,’ Like Ooh Aah’ was the very first taste of TWICE the world got to know about, and what a remarkable show did they put. Right from the flute melody of the opening to the zombie film-inspired music video that is quite unforgettable, TWICE’s debut song with this one got them to really climb the ladder of recognition and fame.


3.’Scandal’ (2021)

Inspired from the retro era, this track’s beats have a playful, confident and just the right spiciness to make it a party hit.


4.’Dance The Night Away ‘(2018)

This song traces the origin of how summer came to be known as the ‘Season Of TWICE’, and this track just measures the perfect number for a beach trip vibe.

5.’What Is Love? ‘(2018)

Often considered as one of the pillars of the band TWICE’s illustrious discography, this song’s music video makes its way to show the pop culture references with heart-thumping, alluring lyrics diving into the curiosity of the most complex emotion. This track remains one of the most successful songs of the band.