Pop-Star Dua Lipa interviews ‘elderly people’ who have no clue about her identity

Famous Pop-Star Dua Lipa filled in for Jimmy Kimmel as a guest host for the show- ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on Monday and tried finding out how popular she is in the old crowd by taking virtual interviews of some of them. Dua Lipa asked a varied set of questions in a segment ‘Who-A-Lipa?’ related to herself and her music to which she received staunch but honest opinions. She began with questioning the seniors asking them if they knew who Dua Lipa actually is, replies to which include- “Who? Is she a person?”, “Dua Mita?” and in fact some misheard her question replying, “The Dobbie Brothers?”

Later in the video she is seen playing her own track to the interviewees a few of who enjoyed the music and others did not. One of the seniors even said that she might do well on TikTok. Singer also showed different pictures of her and asked the elder generation to give their opinions. “It’s Terrible!”, “Looks like she is trying hard” were some of the reactions to it.


Even after not so good conversation Dua Lipa kept her spirit, took all the viewpoints positively and revealed her identity to them in the end, realizing which the elders get amused. According to USA Today report ‘Break My Heart’ singer said, ‘”A lot of my fans are young, but I’m always trying to reach a wider audience, so I decided to reach out to some seniors,” she explained in her monologue. “These are real people I interviewed over the internet. I told them I was conducting a survey about music, but didn’t tell him who I was.”

The Pop-Star was last seen in India when she visited a music festival in Mumbai to perform live.