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OTT leads to greater acceptability and provides license to experiment : Musicians on advent of OTT

In Bollywood, musicians have stepped back from creating something new. With OTT content coming up musicians feel empowered to use their creative skills.

Bollywood films have always been promoted by their songs. Music has been the determining factor in the popularity of any Bollywood. It is because of the kind of audience we have who loves to sing and dance. But no one has ever thought from the perspective of musicians. They are artists like any other who like to explore new things. But big labels and music companies do not want that, they want to just follow the trend. For them earning views and money is more than creating art. This is where musicians have to hold their creativity. But in recent years things have changed with the introduction of OTT.

In OTT there is no box-office pressure and the responsibility to make it a hit. In OTT quality matters, there are thousands of options so, you have to be exceptional so that people see your show or movie. Therefore, musicians have the full license to use their creative skills to create unique art forms. Several musicians have come out in support of OTT platforms calling it a blessing for artists.


Music director, Amaal Malik once said, “We’ve moved past the phase of waiting for our favourite musicians to release their music for films, to now streaming urban independent artists for their music. It’s amazing to see music that’s not associated with films and is still managing to make it to people’s hearts and playlists through all the streaming platforms,”

Apart from creativity, it provides the reach to an infinite range of audiences. When a film is released in theatres, it is most viewed in India and few overseas countries where the Indian diaspora is present. But when a web series or movie is released online on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it is released all over the world at the same time. The music reaches the ears of people of all nationalities and preferences.