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New “Butter” Epilogue film is out, BTS members enjoy a summer party

BTS’ new ‘Butter’ epilogue film was released today. The members are having a summer party in the film.


On July 9, to celebrate Army’s birthday, BTS released their third English single called ‘Permission To Dance’ which has been breaking records and was loved by everyone around the globe for its wild-west themed’ fun-dance number. The song marked the Korean band’s second collaboration with the English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It has almost been three weeks since their latest release the band released ‘Butter: Epilogue Film’.

In a new video titled ‘Butter: Epilogue Film,’ BTS members took us behind the scenes of shooting concept photos for the new album. The member’s grainy-textured vlogs showcase the group’s various charms, gorgeous visuals, and incredible talent as video content creators. On top of that, the Army’s s were thrilled to know that members had recorded the grainy-textured vlogs themselves.

Have a look:


The two special editions of the physical release are titled ‘Peaches’ and ‘Cream,’ a clever reference to Blood, Sweat, and Tears! Butter, Butter (inst), Permission to Dance, and Permission to Dance (inst) are among the tracks on the album.

Meanwhile, J-Hope has become the first and only Korean solo artist to surpass 6.8 million Spotify followers. J-Hope has the fifth most Spotify followers of any Korean artist, following BTS’ 36.44 million followers.