KSHMR and MC Stan's new music video 'Haath Varthi' is trending number 1 on YouTube music | Business Upturn

KSHMR and MC Stan’s new music video ‘Haath Varthi’ is trending number 1 on YouTube music

Indian-American DJ-producer KSHMR has released the video for the first song on his upcoming Indian hip-hop album, “Karam,” which also features rapper and “Bigg Boss 16″ winner MC Stan.

This new party banger,”Haath Varthi,” was created in partnership with MC Stan. The song deftly combines exquisite Indian instrumentation with alluring Western beats, with flute and percussion sounds taking centre stage along with upbeat lyrics that invite listeners to unwind.

The music video is already trending no.1 on Youtube music within five hours of its release. It has got more then 1.5 million views and 527k likes and 50k comments.

KSHMR says that MC Stan instantly connected with the beats. He also adds, “perfectly captures the moment in our story where the gang is partying, celebrating their new wealth.”

MC Stan shared his excitement to the media, “Haath Varthi” was the track I was working on when I first met KSHMR in Mumbai, I was excited since, like everyone else, I had utilised KSHMR’s sample packs in the past. I immediately recognised this beat as a bop when KSHMR played it to me. The song was recorded in scarcely more than an hour, and I’m thrilled with how popular it has already become.”

The new album Karam will also come up with new desi hip hop raps that will bring out KSHMR’s love for India and its heritage.