“It is an amazing feeling to work with your partner. What else can you ask for.” says Yuvika Chaudhary

Actress couple Yuvika Chaudhary and her husband Prince Narula have been working together a lot for music videos, of late. Chaudhary explains it’s the comfort level they share that makes them click well together for work.

“It’s like working with the best person,” she gushes, adding, “I’m most comfortable with him. Yeh comfort level kisi aur ke saath nahi aata. Our chemistry and performance come out very natural. There’s no awkwardness. He’s my favourite co-star.”

She feels “blessed” that they’re getting an ever-increasing number to work together and she prays that “hum dono saath mein bohot kaam karein”.

“It is an amazing feeling to work with your partner. What else can you ask for. I can only say, ‘Thank God. I’m so comfortable shooting with him that now I feel awkward shooting with someone else, especially the songs. We’re just ourselves; we don’t have to do anything extra,” she shares.

Having said that, Chaudhary uncovers that at first, many cautioned them to not work with one another so often. “I keep hearing that it’s very difficult to be on set with your partner because a lot of clashes happen. Even on a dance reality show, we were told that tum logo ka Pyaar Chala jayega when you spend too much time together. But, nothing of that sort happened,” she says.

Truth be told, she adds that it is this “good habit” of working together that has assisted them to sail smooth during the pandemic and lockdowns.

“We were home at and it was just me, Prince and a director, and we shot a song. We’re blessed to have fans who give us so much love. Woh pyaar hi humein kheech ke laata hai Ek Saath,” she ends.


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