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Is ‘Dave’ inspired by some true events? Find out what we know

Thanks to the money he saved from his Bar Mitzvah, Dave Burd was able to release his first-ever video on YouTube!

On April 23, 2023, almost ten years ago now, thanks to the money he was able to save because of his Bar Mitzvah, Dave Burd released his first-ever video on YouTube. his video titled ‘Ex- Boyfriend’ was successful to gain over a million views in a single day when social media platforms like Instagram and tiktok were nowhere in sight. According to Burd, it is still the best day of his life.

But doesn’t this storyline seem very familiar? because the hit FX television show ‘Dave’, which is produced by Kevin Hart and Scooter Braun, is all inspired by the true events of Dave Burd also known by his stage name Lil Dicky’s life.

Starring Lil Dicky, Taylor Misiak, Andrew Santino, Ga Ta, Taco Bennet, Christine Ko, and Gina Hecht, the main plot of the show revolves around the life of a young man, Dave, who aspires to become one of the best rappers in the history. facing day-to-day struggles and hardships, Dave with the help of his friends was able to overcome everything and crown himself as a well-known rapper who goes by the name ‘Lil Dicky’.

Born on March 15, 1988, Burd was inspired to make his own music because of his love for alternative rock and hip-hop music. in started rapping when he was in fifth standard, and ever since he had only one dream, which was to become a successful rapper.