Here are the Top 7 songs by Anuv Jain that still reside in our hearts.

Embark on a melodic journey with Anuv Jain’s top 7 songs that resonate with themes of love, longing, and self-discovery. From the celestial beauty of “Alag Aasmaan” to the elegant minimalism of “Husn,” these soul-stirring compositions create an enduring bond with listeners. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt lyrics of “Mishri” and the liberating vibes of “Riha.” Let the musical downpour of “Baarishein” and the spiritual quest of “Maula” captivate your soul. As the musical journey concludes with “Gul,” experience the serenity and growth mirrored in this indie maestro’s timeless melodies. Anuv Jain’s music speaks to the heart, leaving an indelible mark that transcends time.

Anuv Jain is a talented composer and songwriter who stands out in the ever-changing indie music scene. His soul-stirring songs tell themes of love, longing, and self-discovery. These are Anuv Jain’s top 7 songs that have left a lasting impression on us and create a harmonious bond that endures beyond fads and time. His music speaks to listeners.

1) Alag Aasmaan:
Anuv Jain - ALAG AASMAAN (a song on the ukulele) - YouTube


Even the title, “Alag Aasmaan,” evokes up images of celestial beauty. Jain’s dreamy composition takes us to another world while saturating our minds with a wide range of feelings. Poetic and reflective, the lyrics reflect the intricacies of life. Anuv Jain’s artistic brilliance is showered upon us in this song, akin to a meteor shower of music.

2) Mishri:
Anuv Jain - MISHRI (Studio) - YouTube

Heartfelt lyrics and enticing music make “Mishri” a delightful addition to our playlist. With its abundance of tenderness and affection, the song is the musical equivalent of honey. With its mellow acoustic arrangement and beautiful vocals by Jain, “Mishri” is a timeless song that stays in our hearts like a treasured memory.

3) Husn:
Husn (Romanized) – Anuv Jain | Genius Lyrics

“Husn” perfectly encapsulates the idea of elegant minimalism. The song’s intrinsic beauty is brought to light by Anuv Jain’s sparse approach to both composition and lyrics. Jain’s moving vocals over an acoustic guitar make “Husn” a beautiful song that honors the unadulterated purity of love.

4) Riha:
Anuv Jain – Riha Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

“Riha”‘s mesmerizing tune and thoughtful lyrics transport us on a freeing voyage. The song exhorts us to lift the chains of our limits and has a freeing vibe. The melancholic melody of “Riha” and Anuv Jain’s expressive performance linger in our hearts as a moving reminder of the ability of music to set us free.

5) Baarishein:

The musical downpour “Baarishein” submerges us in a flood of feelings. The song masterfully expresses the internal storm of feelings using the metaphor of rain. Anuv Jain crafts a moving song that stays etched in our hearts with his descriptive words and music that mimics the repetitive beat of raindrops.

6) Maula:
Maula (Romanized) – Anuv Jain | Genius Lyrics

Anuv Jain sets out on a spiritual quest in “Maula,” delving into the more profound facets of life. The song invites listeners to consider the big concerns of life with a sense of surrender and meditation. Jain’s powerful vocals and the song’s mystical overtones elevate “Maula” to a sublime experience that lingers in our minds long after the song is over.

7) Gul:
Anuv Jain - GUL (Studio) - YouTube

The song “Gul,” which unfolds like a flower’s petals, brings our musical journey with Anuv Jain to a close. The song mirrors the cycles of life and symbolizes growth and a state. Its gentle instrumentation and the calming voice of Anuv Jain create a calm environment, giving “Gul” a peaceful coda to this lyrical voyage.