‘Felt like an inferior’: Kumar Sanu’s daughter Shannon K confronting racism in Western countries

Shannon K coming back stronger from bias, she is fighting against discrimination through her music

Shannon K was living with her mother in the UK. As she wants to be like her father Kumar Sanu, she started following in her father’s footsteps and took music training at a young age.

Shannon shares her experience in a Hindi Publication that she was bullied a lot in her youth. She also expressed how bullying made her feel like an inferior when she went for an audition, as many treated her differently from most of the people around her. As Shannon states, “My confidence was shattered, I was too young to handle the situation and often come back home crying.” From all this bullying she has become stronger and now wants to prove herself as a talented artist but also want to build a place in everyone’s heart.

The young singer also says, “Now I have learned to handle it.” Shannon wants to compose a song regarding her fight against racism and wants to promote Indian culture all around the world.

Shannon’s debut song was ‘A long time’ which was written and produced by Jason Poo Bea Boyd. Shannon and her younger sister Annabel co-written the anti-bullying song labelled ‘Give Me Your Hand’ with music producer Kyle Townsend. In 2018, Shannon collaborated with Sonu Nigam for a song called ‘OMT.’

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