Ed Sheeran dedicates a song to older daughter Lyra Antarctica from new album ‘Substract’

English singer-songwriter Edward Christopher Sheeran or commonly known as Ed Sheeran is finally back with a new music album titled ‘Subtract’. One special thing about this album is it includes a touching song about his older daughter, Lyra Antarctica with is two and a half years old now.

Ahead of the release of the album, Sheeran performed the song in Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre while delineating the significance of the fifth track of his album as it has close connection with his family life.


Ed Sheeran explained the significance of the song in his life by saying, “Being a parent is obviously wild and wonderful. Being a parent in times of real sadness … has a massive juxtaposition to it.”

Sharing the best part about embracing the parenthood, the singer said that he would cry himself to sleep at night after returning from mural dedicated to his late friend Jamal, but would wake up in the morning with full energy, which is due to her girls happily jumping around.

While sharing some insights about the song ‘Dusty’, the singer shared that he was inspired about the song from his and her daughter’s morning routine, wherein they listen to different vinyl record together while having breakfast.

Sharing further ahead, he explained that despite of having a real darkness and sadness filled night, it delights him when he wakes to a happy little girl.