BTS’ schedule from January 1 to June 30 2021 released

The global artists BTS’ schedule for the first half of the year is released.

The world-renowned boy band has proved their commitment towards work time and again. And, it is no different this time, the global artists have always talked about how they barely get holidays or take a break from their hectic schedules. Amid the pandemic, many artists had to revise their schedules as the world almost came to a halt because of Covid-19. However, nothing stopped these artists to reach out to their fandom and hold virtual concerts and keep themselves engaged irrespective of the distance they face.

A netizen from an online community posted the schedules of the boy band from January 1 to June 30 of 2021. Their schedule varies from fewer activities at the start of the year to a jam-packed schedule as the days progress.


In the month of March, the group started gearing up for the comebacks, performances at the award shows and ‘Sowoozoo’ in June. The group would also shoot for their show ‘Run BTS’ to keep in touch with their fans. The first two months as given are seen to be spent on giving more understanding or ‘notes’ to their ninth overall studio album ‘BE.’ Apart from these, the boy band is also the ambassador for various brands including Samsung, FILA, and Hyundai. They had scheduled for shooting advertisements and content for the brands too. The group also had made appearances on Korean variety shows like ‘You Quiz On The Block’ and KBS’s ‘Let’s BTS’. Along with the virtual concerts, they had also performed for various shows including Grammys and MTV Music awards. They also made an appearance on Tokopedia.

In terms of music, the group is coming up with their new song ‘Permission to Dance’ which is set to release on July 9.