BTS: Namjoon themed book exhibition for his upcoming birthday at Korea’s largest bookstore, prezzie by RM fans

BTS member RM will be roistering his 26th birthday on Saturday, i.e. 12 September , 2020.There is a book exhibition by fans customised on him.

BTS member RM will be roistering his 26th birthday on Saturday, i.e.12 September, 2020. For this year’s RM Birthday Project, his fan club named @Baidu_RMbar on Twitter disclosed deets about a Namjoon-themed book exhibition titled aRchive being held at Kyobo Book Centre, which is the largest bookstore chain in South Korea. It was four months of hardwork for them as the COVID-19 pandemic was a major hurdle in their grand and original gift for their favourite idol.

In the customised bookstall is inspired by Namjoon’s studio and study style while the books are the ones recommended by the Intro: Persona rapper himself. The reason why it’s been called aRchive is that aR stands for ARMY, R stands for RM, ch stands for China representing the Chinese ARMY and archive is derived from Namjoon’s studio name RKIVE. The fan club aims to publicise Namjoon’s good reading habit, present his deep bonding with ARMY, find more people who appreciate RM’s taste in literature while enjoying his book recommendations and creating a safe haven for those who love him dearly. Moreover, the books exhibited will be donated to local charity organisations post the exhibit.


The book exhibition will take place from 9-15 September’20 . Namjoon’s lyrics have been used to name three collections: 1. Take a Deep Breath and Embrace the World the Psychology of Happiness & Books for Mind Healing. 2. “I do believe your galaxy” Romantic Literature & Dreamy Starry Nights 3. You Are the Origin of My Dream Enriching Humanities & Art Books.