BLACKPINK member Jennie earns the biggest streaming debut of her solo career in Spotify history with ‘One of the Girls’

Jennie may be the “It” girl, but she also aspires to be “One of the Girls.” The Blackpink member appears on the latest single from The Idol soundtrack – you know, the show where the Weeknd demonstrates that beneath his hard-partying and thotty exterior comes a nerdy musician who can’t act or talk dirty.

The new song features the same formulaic psychosexual themes as the slammed series and once again commits the carnal error of making sex boring.


It’s Jennie’s first release sans Blackpink since her debut song, “Solo,” in 2018, and her first music from the show in which she stars. The K-pop star contributes her voice to the song’s intro and bridge, which include the relatively tame lyrics, “Lock me up and throw away the key / He knows how to get the best out of me,” before the show’s lead actress, Lily-Rose Depp, and actor and co-creator the Weeknd sing about cringeworthy, generic BDSM.

“I broke you just to own you,” the Weeknd hums. “I love when you’re submissible … Force me and choke me till I pass out.” Depp, for her part, adds, “Spit in my mouth while you turn me out,” and ends her second verse with “hands on my neck while you push it up.” The chorus explains that she just wants to be “one of your girls tonight.”

The Weeknd and Depp, together with Mike Dean, Ramsey, and menacing Sam Levinson, are responsible for the head-scratching lyrics. The Weeknd co-produced the music with Dean and Sage Skolfield.

According to a new post by Pop Tingz on Twitter, it is reported that Jennie earned the biggest streaming debut of her solo career in Spotify history with “One of the Girls.”

It was previously reported that Jennie and The Weeknd’s single would be released on June 25. However, the date was adjusted, and the song was instead released today, June 23. The song, titled One of the Girls, features Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd, and the BLACKPINK member.