Armaan Malik responds to Sonu Nigam’s ‘music mafia’ comment, says Sonuji had that controversy with ‘someone’

A lot of controversies has been going on this year. One of them is the clash between the singer Sonu Nigam and the owner of T-Series Bhushan Kumar. Sonu, in his vlog, had indirectly mentioned six artists without naming them. He went on saying that a ‘music mafia’ had told those six artists to interview against him, regarding the fact that the new musicians are not treated well by the industry. Further, he also targeted Bhushan Kumar in his several videos.

Furthermore, Sonu alleged that some of the few artists who had interviewed against him were the one who used to discuss with him about the cons of the industry. In his vlog, he said, “Unmein se ek ka bhai hai jo apni Twitter pe aaj se 1.5 years pehle yeh likhta hai ki agar music industry mein unity hoti toh pura scene hi alag hota kyuki aaj industry ke saare musicians tortured hai, unhe woh nahi karne diya ja raha jo woh karna chahte hai. Yeh uski (Armaan Malik) language hai,”
He showed singer Armaan Malik‘s tweet from a year and a half ago where he had spoken how unity between the artists can resolve the problems of the Indian music industry. He further added to his tweet that many musicians are denied the opportunity of working on kind of music they want to.

After Armaan Malik’s interview with Zoom Digital, he said that he has already shown and has answered about his musical journey and that is more than enough for him. He further added, “Anything else is for Twitter, and let people play Twitter-Twitter only. There’s no answer to that. I have answered my journey and I think that should be my reply to everything else.”

In the end, he clarified Sonu Nigam’s take on ‘music mafia’ controversy and signed off by saying, “That controversy is not regarding me. That controversy was about two people who had their own controversy. It has nothing related to me. That was Sonu ji who had a controversy with someone. I don’t need to get involved in it. My name was not taken in that controversy. This is what I have to say about that,”

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