Amazon subscribers: You can now stream music videos on Amazon Music

Amazon now lets users stream music videos to its Amazon Music Unlimited service. Unlike some competitors like YouTube Music, Amazon’s videos are only available to paying subscribers, according to Android Police.

“Now stream music videos in the Amazon Music app. Paid subscribers can start with videos from a favourite artist or a video playlist,” reads the app’s changelog on Google’s Play Store.


You’ll now see music videos show up as a section in search results and on artist pages. There will also be music video playlists to watch through. As with YouTube Music, there’s a toggle on the now playing screen to switch between the music video and just the audio of whatever you’re currently listening to.

The feature is for paid subscribers. For users in India, Amazon Music is bundled with an Amazon Prime membership. Prime subscription in India is priced at ₹999 per year. Amazon also offers an “HD” tier with lossless and hi-res streaming, which remains a unique offering compared to larger competitors Spotify and Apple Music.

The tech giant recently also introduced its ‘X-Ray’ feature for the audio streaming app. The feature provides additional information about music that a user is listening to. It will “offer a behind the scenes look at song information, artists, and albums with access to everything from fun trivia to song credits, related content, and more,” Amazon had said as quoted by Engadget.

Amazon Music Unlimited costs $8 monthly for Prime members and the standard $10 / month for non-Prime subscribers. That’s for standard streaming quality