Albums to listen if you are going through heartache

Music has an ability to flow smoothly like water through our heart and in the process to stir memories. Here are some albums to listen if you are going through breakup, heartache or simply love sad, romantic songs.

Red, a studio album released in October 2012. Taylor Swift is queen of emotions, her songs hit a place in heart where feelings reside. Queen Taylor writes her songs inspired by her own journey in life, whether it’d be heartbreak or love, her songs have never failed to touch listeners hearts.

After albums like Lover, Folklore and Evermore Taylor successfully took us all to a different world. a world filled with unsaid stories and feelings. healing us during the process and teaching us what it might feel to be ever in love. Now she is about to release Red: Taylor’s Version. this album is coming out on November 19 holding 30 songs that were originally meant to go in Red, and fans are waiting with open hearts.

Sour is 2021 studio album by American singer Olivia Rodrigo. Rodrigo is an actress and her song Drivers License won every ones heart. The song starts something like, “I got my driver’s license last week. Just like we always talked about.” The emotions felt by the singer pierced  heart of the listeners. Her album holding eleven songs: Good 4 U, Brutal and others express the young love and agony related to that so well that the album has become an all time heartbreak mood.

Blue by Joni Mitchell.









Blue, fourth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, released on June 22, 1971 by Reprise Records. Written and produced entirely by Mitchell herself.  Like love has no language, the healing process has no one melody, this album by Mitchell with its Folk music, Pop music, Folk rock work. Mitchell’s own unique style of writing a song with no recurring chorus to hold the listener and no rhyme but true poem like stories, tightly bound together with the emotions in Mitchell’s magnificent voice.

And there are many more heart touching albums to be heard and to lose ourselves in. Some other jams in the realm of heartbreak and healing are Harry Style’s Falling, Alec Benjamin’s Let Me Down Slowly and Billie Eilish’s Lovely.


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