5 unforgettable melodies by Kailash Kher that will etch your heart forever   

Kailash Kher is one of the renowned singers of India. He is a national sensation and has mesmerized everyone with his distinct voice and beautiful vocals. The artist has been an exception when it comes to the music department as he has a special aura to his singing in particular. Coming from a modest background, Kher himself has faced a tough journey in his life and has even been a victim of suicide.

The singer has emerged as a versatile star and built a niche audience for himself. If you are someone, who is a fan of Kailash Kher’s songs or wants to explore his rhythm, this post is meant for you. We have curated a list of the best Kailash Kher songs that will transport you into another realm altogether.


1. Saiyyan

One of the most beautiful songs by Kailash Kher that will etch your heart every time you listen to it. Kailash’s voice and the soothing melody will surely make you think of someone special. The lyrics of the songs are beautifully crafted and leave a mark on us forever. It is heart-wrenching and mesmerizing.

2. Teri Dewaani

Yet another of Kailash Kher’s masterpieces that has to be on your playlist now. The song is therapeutic and has a catchy tune. If you listen to it once, you will keep humming the song in a loop until you get enough of it. The song is emotional and will make you sob heavily.

3. Ya Rabba

If you haven’t heard this song, we highly urge you to give it a try because it will surely stick with you forever. A heartbreaking melody that reminds you of the times when you departed from someone and how it made you feel. The song is nostalgic and brings back old memories.

4. Chand Sifarish

An iconic song that you must have surely heard on your TV and phone. The song depicts the true nature of love, longing and fascination. The admirer sings for his/her lover and expresses the abundant love that is stored for them. This beautiful track hits all the right spots and makes you feel more compassionate. It will give you a beautiful musical experience.

5. Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga

This particular track is spiritual and captivating. It transports you into a divine world and Kailash Kher’s voice does the magic at the end. It makes you feel more light-hearted and motivated and brings you closer to the supreme power above you. It will charge you up emotionally and mentally.

These are some of the iconic songs by Kailash Kher that will stay with you forever. These timeless melodies have a powerful strength to it and will make you feel wonders.

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