We cannot guarantee any film will be a hit or no barring a Salman Khan film, says director S.S. Rajamouli

The fact that Salman Khan is the most loved superstar of the country is not debatable. He has an army of millions of fans who are extremely loyal to the superstar. With each film, his army keeps growing and they have been standing by Salman Khan through everything in his life. They are the most integral part of his career and life.

His huge and loyal fandom, lovingly calling him “Sallu” or “Bhai” is not a myth, it is very much felt by everyone and his own colleagues from the industry have spoken about it multiple times in their interviews.


Known director, SS Rajamouli once said, “We cannot guarantee that any film will be a hit barring Salman Khan’s film”. Talking in the same spirit, Kareena Kapoor Khan mentioned that, “Salman is a religion itself. I would like to take his fans.” Adding to this, Karan Johar averred, ” Ek hit film banane ke liye you need a great story, Heart touching music, direction and performance agar yeh sab cheez na ho toh Salman Khan. He is one man army.”

Talk show host and leading journalist Rajat Sharma spoke about Salman’s popularity saying,” Salman Khan apne aap me hi ek industry hain”.  While on one hand Taapsee Pannu has said, “How is this Super Stardom of Salman possible for so many years”, on the other hand Rana Daggubati who admires Salman Khan mentioned how people constantly look out for his movie. He said, “People wait for a Salman Khan film, it’s in their DNA.”

Salman Khan adores his fans right back for all their love and appreciation and often goes out of his way to make sure his supporters know that they are appreciated through his acts of kindness.