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Viduthalai part-1: Cast, plot, release date and everything else you need to know

Popular Indian OTT platform Zee5, has just come up with a brand new Tamil release Viduthalai Part-1.
Here’s all you need to know about the latest release..

Zee5:- Viduthalai, often promoted as Viduthalai part-1, is a Tamil-language crime thriller.

Directed and written by- Vetrimaaran


Produced by-Elred Kumar.

Genre- Thriller Mystery.

The Plot

The movie is based on the life of a police officer kumeresan , who is recruited to capture the leader of an activist group.
The movie revolves around the conflict going on between the police department and the activist group which was aiming to protect the indigenous people, their rights and resources.
A police driver  is posted in a sensitive hilly area where the conflict is on its peak. As Soori begins to get more and more involved with that area, where he ended up saving the life of an indigenous lady, the act which revealed the reality of the police department which was assigned to work for the villagers of that area.
Now to manage the ongoing conflict, the police department came up with an operation called “Ghost-Hunt” which was subjected to capture “Vaathiyaar”, the said leader of the activist group.
Police officer Kumeresan claims to know about the whereabouts of Vaathiyaar, which the entire police department had no idea about.
During the operation, Kumeresan falls in love with one of the tribal woman.
To catch Vaathiyaar, the police department started to use their power and authorities over the villagers.
So, to save the lives of many innocent people, Kumeresan decides to pursue Vaathiyaar.

The Main Cast

Vijay Sethupati  as Vaathiyaar.

Soori as Kumeresan.

Bhavani Sre as The tribal women.

Prakash Raj as Prabhakaran.

Remaining cast


Kishore .

Gautham Vasudev.

Rajiv Menon.

Release Date

31st March 2023 on Zee5