Trailer Review : A look into Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Climax’

Lockdown has just become more entertaining as the king of controversy Ram Gopal Verma is back with “Climax”, an action thriller movie. This movie marks the reunion of director RGV with adult star Mia Malkova after God, Sex and Truth which was released in 2018.

The teaser of Climax was launched by RGV on his twitter some days back when he stated that Mia is director’s actress. Ever since the trailer came out, cinephiles couldn’t stop reacting on it!


The trailer begins with vibrant RSR production stretched on screen. Touted to be a scary action thriller, Climax is visibly set in the backdrop of a desert.

The trailer showcase Mia Malkova in the frame with her on-screen boyfriend entering into a “Do Not Enter” area.

The trailer grabs the attention with bits of Mia in a bikini where she looks sassy and hot. After a subtle entry into the trailer where the couple is seen into some streamy scenes, the trailer takes a lead and we soon discover that the couple who enters in the restricted area finds themselves in the soup of trouble, when some unknown men chase them. Then there is flashing fires, running, chasing, petrified child, a car driving across itself without anyone on a driver seat, and Mia getting horrified with everything that is happening around!
And finally she is stranded on desert without anyone on her side. There is action, with bikes and robust cars, fighting scenes and definitely some packed thriller.

The trailer ends with Mia taking off her bikini and wandering around naked to make the audience ever more eager to look forward for the movie.

The trailer is, without a doubt, a classy Ram Gopal Verma signature move in it! Leaving audience confused, and some streamy scenes that cinephiles look forward, is his signature moves. Though if we look the trailer from a thriller point of view, Bollywood is doing better each day to provide thriller flicks to its audience, and in comparison to those, RGV needs to prove that he is offering something extra-ordinary but trailer for now doesn’t qualify that! So let’s look forward to what ‘Climax’ has in store for us!!