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Top five films to watch this Independence Day



1- Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

Manikarnika, the wife of the king of Jhansi, refuses to succumb when the East India Company tries to capture her kingdom. Her rebellion soon turns into a fiery revolution against the British Raj and becomes one of the most iconic fights in history. Queen Manikarnika is played by Kangana Ranaut in the film and she was fiery and strong in her character.

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During the British Raaj, Captain Andrew Russell challenges a farmer, Bhuvan to beat his team in a cricket game. Andrew says if the villagers win the game, they will not have to pay the taxes for the next three years. This iconic movie was released in 2001 and had Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh as the leads. The film was directed by Ashutosh Gowariker who also won the Filmfare for his excellent direction.

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3- Mangal Pandey: The Rising

William Gordon and Mangal Pandey become friends during a war in Afghanistan. However, the tables turn when the East India Company introduces a rifle that uses objectionable cartridges, Mangal Pandey revolts. He fights for the rights of Hindus and Muslims who are hurt by this act. Aamir Khan plays Mangal Pandey and leaves everyone stunned by his performance.

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4-Shaheed Udham Singh

A Sikh revolutionary, Udham Singh, sets off to the United Kingdom to kill the Jallianwala Bagh massacre perpetrators. The massacre which boiled the blood of many. Udham avenges the lives of the common people and wants justice. Raj Babbar plays Udham Singh and was directed by Chitraarth in 2000.

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5- The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Inspired by the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, this movie is a must-watch. Bhagat Singh was born during British India and saw many difficulties during his childhood. After he grew up, he became one of the strongest voices in getting India’s freedom back. Ajay Devgn played the titular role and was supported by actors like Sushant Singh, Amrita Rao and Raj Babbar. The movie was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and this movie garnered several awards for Ajay’s performance.

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