Top 5 movies of Michelle Rodriguez that are a delight to watch

Michelle Rodriguez is an American actress popular for her brilliant performances in the Fast & Furious franchise as Letty Ortiz. She acted in this role for more than a decade. She also became a part of many other notable movies that hit the screens later. Michelle Rodriguez had a great career path as she could work with versatile directors like James Cameron, Steve McQueen, and Robert Rodriguez. She is one of the best performers who couldn’t be replaced with any other person. She acted in a number of famous movies including Fast and furious, Avatar, The resident Evil, F9, The Assignment, Swat, and Widows. She acted in some television series also. She topped among the actresses who played the action roles.

Check out the best movies of Michelle Rodriguez to her best works.


Fast and Furious (2001)

The early version of the Fast & Furious franchise is entirely different from the new versions. The earlier version was like a Melodrama type even though there are similarities between both versions in the matter of central characters and major threads like Street racing, carjacking. Rodriguez acts as Letty, who is the girlfriend of Dominic Toretto. Paul walker playing the role of Brian O conner is trying to unleash the real culprits of a stolen case. The meeting between these characters and sequences are done much more in a dramatic way.

Fast and Furious (2009)

In this movie, Dom and Letty are working in the Dominican Republic as hijackers. They parted away because of the suspicion that they might be caught for their deeds. The role of Michelle Rodriguez as Letty is very crucial in all of the sequels.

Fast and Furious 6 (2013)

Michelle Rodriguez’s role as Letty was absent in Fast Five. In the former sequence, the movie creates an impact that she was killed somehow. But in this movie, we could see her alive. She joined the team of greatly skilled criminals led by Owen Shaw. Dom later discovers this fact.

Furious 7 (2015)

It is an American thriller movie directed by James wan and also Michelle Rodriguez played a key role as Letty in this movie too. The movie is top-rated as the highest-grossing film of all time. Michelle Rodriguez’s character is said to have suffered from Amnesia in this sequel. In the previous movie, she was considered to be dead. The action scenes, acting, casting, climax were all perfect in this movie. The power-packed performances and action scenes mainly attracted the movie buffs.


Avatar is considered one of the Best films of James Cameron. The box office hit movie was also highly appreciated by the critics. We could see an imaginary world called Pandora in this movie. The movie took a twist with the appearance of a Military unit from Earth to take the most valuable natural resource “unobtanium”.The native species of Pandora were Na’vi. As a result of the Avatar program, Jake sully entered into the body of Navi to make peace among them. Rodriguez played a praiseworthy role as a combat pilot Trud Chacon.

For all the movie buffs, these were some of the best movies of Michelle Rodriguez. Though it has Fast and the Furious multiple parts, because her acting in this movie is just phenomenal and it needs to be talked about.