Tom Hardy asks the early audience of Venom 2 to keep thier tweets spoiler free

Tom Hardy interacted with the early audience of his upcoming movie Venom 2 and made them promise to not leak any spoilers from the movie

After an early screening of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the lead actor Tom Hardy who was present there requested the audience to not spoil the end credit scene, he even made them promise! 

The 44-year-old actor appeared at the first screening of Venom 2 during Sony’s Fans First event in London with director Andy Serkis. The movie is said to drop on the Indian theatres on October 15 after being pushed amid the pandemic.

After the rolling out of the end credit scene, the actor urged other early audiences to stay until the very end because the end credits consist of some important facts that fans shouldn’t be missing out on.

As per the report from Comic Book, Hardy said before the start of the movie, “There is something, possibly, at the end of this movie that you might see that has become something of a tradition in these movies. What you see here, when you leave here, let it stay here…Will you promise me that whatever you see at the end of this movie, during the credits, you will let it stay here and not tweet it?”

There have been rumours that a Spider-Man crossover might happen in the movie.

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