The Archies: Zoya Akhtar refers to Veronica as a “vulnerable princess,” which Suhana Khan finds desirable.

The Archies, directed by Zoya Akhtar, is one of the most eagerly awaited Bollywood movies of the year. Names like Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, Aditi Saigal, Agastya Nanda, and more make their debuts. Recently, Suhana and Zoya discussed the project in an interview. The actress also disclosed the trait that she most envies about her character, Veronica.


On The Archies, Zoya Akhtar and Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan, who plays Veronica in The Archies, acknowledged that she had never read the comic book series that the movie is based on in an NDTV interview.”The only thing I knew about it was, obviously, the love triangle. After reading the script and the comics, discovering all the other characters was cool”, the actress remarked.

Then, she continued, expressing her envy of Veronica’s “self-confidence” and “the way she loved herself.” Suhana stated that Zoya Akhtar drew her to the project and added, “It’s an opportunity that you just can’t refuse, especially for your first film.” I considered myself to be a girl who aspired to be like Veronica.



Zoya Akhtar on choosing to work with young actors

The director stated in an interview with India Today that she always aimed to cast unknowns in The Archies because a well-known person can bring baggage or reputation. She went on to say that they wanted young performers since every actor had to have a 17-year-old appearance.