Taapsee Pannu recalls awkwardly watching intimate scenes with Dad


Director Vinil Mathew’s upcoming film, Haseen Dillruba’s cast was recently seen together at an interview. Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey, and Harshvardhan Rane opened up about their experiences of being caught while watching ‘hot’ movie scenes.

Actor Vikrant Massey admitted that he was once caught by his aunt while watching an adult movie. He told RJ Siddharth Kanan in an interview, “My cousins and I were watching, and my masi (aunt) walked in. We never thought she’d be up at 3 am… Then the walk of shame. I was staying at my Nani’s house for a few days, and whenever I’d run into my masi, getting a glass of water or something, I’d be ashamed to look her in the eye. It was very, very embarrassing.”

While Taapsee Pannu recalled the moment of awkwardness that used to happen whenever an intimate scene used to show up while watching a movie with the family. The actress said, “Dad mostly used to watch English action films. We had just one TV, so if dad would start watching, we’d have no option but to watch along. We didn’t go out to watch films, per se. It’s normal to have lovemaking or a certain kind of explicit scene. But it becomes very awkward when it’s next to your teenage daughters. So both of us are sitting there, and it’s almost like all of us have started sweating, trying to understand who should do what.”

She added that they used to avoid further awkwardness by changing the channel or leaving to get a glass of water. “Stuff like this has happened to me, but not like anyone has caught…”

Netflix’s upcoming movie, Haseen Dillruba, is a thriller drama written by Kanika Dhillon. The movie will be releasing on this Friday. Actress Taapsee Pannu also has several other films in the pipeline, like Rashmi Rocket and Looop Lapeta.

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