Taapse Pannu thanks all those who turned down the lead role in ‘Haseena Dilruba’

Taapsee Pannu is grateful to all those actresses who turned down the lead female role of ‘Haseena Dilruba’ which ultimately landed in her kitty.

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu had once revealed how she wasn’t the first choice for script-writer Kanika Dhillon’s ‘Haseena Dilruba’, however, things worked out for the best and the other’s who were approached for the role turned it down.

Taapsee is forever grateful to all those actresses who turned down the film. She has no qualms about not being the first choice for the film, she believes the Vinil Mathew-directed film was destined for her, and rightly found her after a few hiccups. The actor relished the dark murder mystery so much that by the end of the narration, she was game to portray the character of Rani.


She quoted, “I don’t know why others did not want to do this part. Certain roles are not author-backed, but they are what I call ‘an actor’s candy’. This is one such character. There was no emotion that the character didn’t have the scope to show. So, I was shocked that I was given this role on a platter. I can only thank the ones who turned it down for whatever reasons.”

The film rises above a typical crime-thriller and Taapsee spoke about society’s inherent bias against women, saying, “A crime done by a woman is perceived differently. Similarly, when a woman is accused of infidelity, we are perceived to be morally destroying our society. But when a man [cheats], the [conversation] becomes, ‘Arre, bechare se galti ho gayi’.”

She further added, “As an actor, I am showing the side of a woman, which is considered taboo. I am more than ready to be judged. Ever since I decided to be an actor, I have been judged for my choices.”