Salman Khan tried best to retain Pragya Jaiswal in Antim: The Final Truth, failed

Pragya Jaiswal, in an interview, revealed that the the music video Main Chala is shot for Antim: The Final Truth. Pragya Jaiswal was seen romancing with Salman Khan in the video.

Pragya Jaiswal’s shot will not appear in the final cut of the film as they were trimmed. Pragya revealed that Salman Khan was unhappy with her scenes being cut for Antim: The Final Truth and tried his best till the last minute to retain her but failed.

“Yeh song jo tha, movie shoot ke time mera sabse favourite part tha film ka. Mujhe idea tha ki film ho na ho, yeh gaana toh waise bhi alag se hi release hone wala hai (This song was my favourite part of the film shoot. I knew that whether it is in the film or not, the song would be released separately),” she said.

She expressed her optimism and believes that whatever happens, happens for the best. Pragya Jaiswal is happy and grateful that the song is out.

“Sir bilkul khush nahi the iss decision se. Unhone bohot try kiya aakhri minute tak ki main film mein rahoon (Sir was not at all happy with the decision. He tried a lot, until the last minute, to keep me in the film),” she said.





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