Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Katrina kaif’s Bharat turns 1, here are 5 reasons it is a must watch!

Last year, Salman Khan surprised his fans by releasing a blockbuster movie titled Bharat. Bharat Starring Salman and Katrina Kaif in the lead, the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial was official adaptation of a South-Korean film, Ode to My Father and surprisingly, it turned out to be a best gift for all bhai fans on Eid. Today, Bharat celebrates its 1 year anniversary. On the 1st anniversary of Bharat, we are taking you through the reasons why it is a must-watch.

Bharat traces every important event that took place in history in India and how it affected his life emotionally and mentally. From 1947 India-Pakistan partition to opening up of the economy in 1991, Bharat reveals all the emotional and real life events that took place in India.

Reason 1: Bharat showcases journey of an individual and nation.

Salman showcases how his life becomes committed to that one promise that he made to his dad for taking care of his family always. It also captures the emotional turmoil of a man separated from his father and sister due to partition.

Reason 2: Katrina Kaif in a new and unexpected look

Katrina drew attention of every viewer by transforming into a feisty woman who ends up becoming a life-long friend to Bharat. Although, they don’t marry each other expect in the end. Kumud as Katrina helps Salman in a journey when he is in search of his dad who he left in Pakistan with his sister at the time of partition.

Reason 3: Ultimate love story

Salman and Katrina’s chemistry is widely acclaimed. Duo always entertains people with their unique blend. Hence, Bharat movie takes you through a great love story, from the initial love-hate to the sweet friendship, this movie take us through various stages of their relationship in the most endearing way.

Reason 4: Sunil Grover as Vilyati is show-stealing

Vilayti’s sense of humor will leave you laughing all day. He is seen as a best friend of Bharat aka Salman Khan throughout. Besides, their adorable banter as Bharat and Vilayti when they are sailors is bound to make you laugh till your jaws hurt.

Reason 5: Emotional bonds in family

Bharat movie will surely explain you the true meaning of unity and family. Bharat manages to hit home with the emotional story of a father and son separated due to the partition of India. Ali has beautifully captured he story is about the love of a man for his family and the sacrifices he makes over the years for everyone

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