Radhika Apte’s “Mrs. Undercover” is scheduled for release on ZEE5 on April 14

The official trailer, which features Apte in awkward and action-packed scenes, has been released by the producers.

A new spy comedy-drama series called Mrs. Undercover will feature Radhika Apte and Sumeet Vyas as the leads. Rajesh Sharma plays a crucial part in the Anushree Mehta-directed film as well.  The movie is made by B4U Motion Pictures in collaboration with Knight Sky Movies and Jaadugar Films.

The trailer video starts with Apte getting ready for her domestic responsibilities. As soon as she starts working for her job, she struggles with each level.  She suddenly falls on the floor by herself. She is preparing to make chapatis in the kitchen when she suddenly smacks an elderly man in the back with a rolling pin. When attempting to combine the ingredients in the mixer jar, she spills juice all over the kitchen floor. The montage demonstrates how ineffective she is as a housewife in each of these scenarios.


Apte claimed that she fell in love with the “Mrs. Undercover” narrative right away because it tackles deeply ingrained patriarchal attitudes toward housewives in a lighthearted manner.

“I feel for my character of Durga, who is funny, kind, sincere, clumsy, and unsure of herself. This film is about her journey of discovering her own strength. Every household has a Durga – a woman who quietly goes about her work and doesn’t get due because she is considered ‘just’ a housewife.”

“However, this film fights that mentality which prevails in our patriarchal society, and it’s done beautifully under the guise of humour,” the actor said in a statement.

In “Mrs. Undercover,” in addition to Apte, Sumeet Vyas plays the adversary and Rajesh Sharma plays the leader of the Special Force who recruits Durga.

Vyas expressed his gratitude for the chance to play a bad guy in “Mrs. Undercover,” which he called a full package.

“Amidst the clutter of genres and stories, I am glad that the team thought of this empowering narrative and offered me this grey character which was fun and exciting to play,” he remarked.

Anushree Mehta, a debutante, wrote and directed “Mrs. Undercover.”

Mehta expressed her gratitude for securing her ideal cast for her debut film.

“Spy movies have had my heart for years and comedy is something I swear by. My first had to be a mix of both. And to achieve this dream film, I had the best team: Radhika Apte, Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Sharma, and my producing partner Abir Sengupta. I couldn’t have asked for more!” she said.