PVR to re-release Christopher Nolan films before Oppenheimer: From The Dark Knight Trilogy to Interstellar

The re-release of Christopher Nolan films will begin on July 17 and will continue until July 20.

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming biopic ‘Oppenheimer’ is expected to be one of the year’s most important projects. The director, famed for films such as ‘Memento,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, ‘Inception,’ ‘Tenet,’ and others, has always been a cinephile favourite, and someone who believes in slow-cooking films to perfection.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relive his movie triumphs throughout the years on the big screen? According to rumours, PVR will re-release some of Nolan’s biggest films in theatres prior of ‘Oppenheimer’s debut. The ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy, ‘Inception,’ ‘Interstellar,’ and ‘Dunkirk’ are among them. The re-release of Christopher Nolan films will begin on July 17 and will continue until July 20.


Ahead of the release, the filmmaker shared that the story of ‘Oppenheimer’, which is based on nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, is full of paradoxes and ethical dilemmas.

Speaking about what ignited the fire within him to tell J. Robert Oppenhimer’s story, Nolan said: “Oppenheimer’s story is one of the great stories that there is. It’s full of paradoxes and ethical dilemmas, and that’s the kind of material I’m always interested in. While the movie tries to help the audience understand why people have done the things they’ve done, it’s at the same time asking ‘Should they have done the things they’ve done?’.”

He further mentioned: “Films, as a narrative medium, are uniquely suited to pulling an audience into a subjective experience, letting them judge things the way the characters judge them, while at the same time looking at these characters a little more objectively. At various points, we try to burrow into Oppenheimer’s psyche and take the audience on his emotional journey. That was the challenge of the film: To tell the story of a person who was involved in what was ultimately an extraordinarily destructive sequence of events, but done for the right reasons, and tell it from his point of view.”

‘Oppenheimer,’ produced by Universal Pictures (distributed by Warner Bros. Discovery), will be released in Indian theatres on July 21st, with advance booking for IMAX theatres in India currently open.