‘Pinky Beauty Parlour’ starring Sulagna Parihari will be released in theatres on THIS date

Pinky Beauty Parlour to hit theatres on 14th April, 2023

In “Pinky Beauty Parlour,” satirical comedy and drama work well together. An amusing and moving story about the effects that people’s fixation with fair skin has on their minds is recounted through a cast of intriguing and odd characters and is set in the unusual, colourful world of a Varanasi beauty parlour.


Writer and director Akshay Singh expresses his happiness at the movie’s upcoming theatrical release says: “I am happy that we are finally releasing the film in theatres. We have received tremendous response and love from all the International Film festivals around and hoping to entertain our Aam Janta the same way.”

The movie stars Sulagna Panigrahi, Khushboo Gupta, Vishwanath Chatterjee, Jogi Malang, and Abhay Joshi in addition to Akshay Singh. Under the banner of their company Akshikha Entertainment, Akshay Singh and Bahnishikha Das produced the movie. Gagandeep Singh is the film’s director of photography.

Sandeep Singh Bajeli is the editor, and the London-based Chintu Saarthak Kalla and Arvind/Lyton are the music composers.


Watch the trailer below: