Pathaan in Bangladesh: Video of Bangladeshi fans grooving to Jhoome goes viral

On May 12, Pathaan starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, took over Bangladesh as it was released.

Since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, Pathaan is the first Hindi movie to receive a full release in theatres there, making the film special. As per the sources, the tickets were completely sold out even before the movie release.


Recently, a video of Bangladeshi fans surfaced online, where they were grooving to Jhoome Jo Pathaan in theatres.

As per the ETimes, Pathaan was released on May 12 in 41 theatres across Bangladesh. Yash Raj Films’ Nelson D’Souza had earlier stated in a statement that “Cinema has always been a unifying force between nations, races, and cultures. It cuts across boundaries, inspires individuals, and contributes significantly to bringing people together.”

“We are overjoyed that Pathaan, which has achieved historic success throughout the world, will now have the opportunity to amuse audiences in Bangladesh.”

Shah Rukh made an epic return to the big screen with Pathaan after four years of absence. It also provided a much needed boost to the box office since maximum of the Bollywood movies were marked as flops after Covid-19 pandemic.

In Pathaan,  Shah Rukh plays the role of Pathaan, Deepika plays the role of Rubina and John Abraham plays the role of the villain Jim. Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana serves the most important roles as a side character.