Nayanthara to replace Kareena Kapoor Khan in Yash’s film Toxic? Find out

The producers reportedly contacted Nayantharat to settle her casting in the movie.

After Kareena Kapoor Khan departed Yash’s Toxic: A Fairytale for Grown-Ups, fans started to speculate about who would replace her. Fans’ favourite Nayanthara has reportedly been contacted by the filmmakers of the movie to play Yash’s sister.

Online speculations state that after Crew actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan departed due to scheduling issues, and now, the filmmakers met Nayanthara several times to finalise her role in the movie. Known as the “Lady Superstar” of the South Indian film industry, Nayanthara has always chosen her films very carefully.

Although Nayanthara gained recognition in the South Indian film industry, her Bollywood debut, Jawan, which costarred Shah Rukh Khan, was not well received. She might, however, return given her potential role in Toxic.

In the movie Toxic, Bollywood actress Kiara Advani plays Yash’s romantic interest. The movie is a straight-up action movie with an alleged mafia setting. Since Nayanthara is slated to play the mafia’s sister in the film, fans are hoping to see her engage in some intense action scenes alongside Yash.