Nawazuddin Siddiqui shares details about his next American Indie movie, Laxman Lopez’s shoot and locations

Nawazuddin Siddiqui took to Instagram lately to provide information on his next American indie film, Laxman Lopez.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui recently turned to Instagram to share details about his upcoming American indie movie, Laxman Lopez. The movie will commence its shooting during the Christmas month in New York. He posted pictures of the film’s director, Roberto Girault, and the writer, Sammy Sarzoza. He captioned the pictures saying, “Just finished the virtual reading of #LaxmanLopez in this beautiful weather & now thinking about filming this during the Christmas Month in New York with my Director #RobertoGirault & Writer #SammySarzoza”

The film is a Christmas-themed film, according to Variety. Siddiqui stated that the script for “Laxman Lopez” piqued his interest when he first heard it. “The narration had me excited for multiple reasons. For starters, the opportunity to work in a Christmas movie is something very different and immediately had my attention. The director, Roberto Girault, has shown his power and command over the camera, and the way he can unveil new sides to an actor. It is a welcome challenge that I often yearn for. And most importantly, the name, ‘Laxman Lopez,’ had me instantly curious,” the actor said.

Roberto Girault, a Mexican filmmaker, is known for local hits “La Leyenda Del Diamante” (2017), “Los Arboles Mueren de Pie” (2015) and “El Estudiante” (2009). He said, “When first read the script, I started my search to find the perfect Laxman Lopez and my mind immediately navigated to Nawazuddin. I have seen a few of his works and know that this role will bring out a lesser-known vulnerable side to him. It is a project that is sure to leave people with a smile on their face, and a lot of hunger in their tummy,”