Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s scandalous marriage to be made into a film? Here’s what the producer says

Producer Kumar Taurani, of Tips Industries, plans to make a film or web show on Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s scandalous marriage with a teenager.

Bollywood and political biographies go way back. The big screens have witnessed numerous biographies of political figures like Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, even Narendra Modi. However, for the very first time, Indian screens might feature a very controversial historical figure, the leader of the All-India Muslim League (1913-1947) and Pakistan’s first Governor-General, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Until now, the portrayal of Jinnah in Bollywood has been a secondary character. For the first time, Jinnah will be the leading character in a film. As per a report by Hindustan Times, Bollywood producer Kumar Taurani, of Tips Industries, has procured the adaptation rights of the book, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah: The Marriage that Shook India’, written by Sheela Reddy.


The producer told Hindustan Times, “Yes, we have just bought the rights (of the book) but there’s no decision yet as to what format it should be developed in — a feature film or a web series. For that, we would need to have a creative team including a director and writer in place. Let’s see. It’s too early to say anything.”

The book discusses the scandalous interfaith marriage of Jinnah (then 42-year-old) and Rattanbai [Ruttie] Petit (18-year-old). It also comments on Jinnah’s political journey and India’s freedom struggle against the British