Mirzapur star Ali Fazal levels up, shares screen space with Kamal Hassan in Mani Ratnam’s Thug Life

Ali Fazal, the star of Mirzapur, is on the rise and is expected to make his name in the South Indian film industry with Mani Ratnam’s Thug Life, which also stars Kamal Haasan.

Ali Fazal is preparing to make his official debut in the South Indian film business with the highly anticipated production Thug Life, helmed by the great filmmaker Mani Ratnam.

The film, which will be directed by Ravi K. Chandran and scored by the legendary A.R. Rahman, promises to be a masterpiece.


Ali Fazal will play the lead in Thug Life with Kamal Haasan, a renowned actor. While the specifics of Fazal’s character remain unknown, the actor has voiced his excitement about becoming a part of this revolutionary project. He is overjoyed as he becomes a follower of the renowned Mani Ratnam’s vision.

“I hope to contribute something significant to this project. It’s an honour to work alongside Kamal Haasan, sir and engage in creative exchanges with him. Collaborating with these two giants of Indian cinema is incredibly humbling. I am profoundly thankful to Mani Sir for believing in me for this role,” he said.

The actor, whose fan base grew exponentially with the Hindi web series Mirzapur and Mirzapur 3, is anxious to see Thug Life and his character come to life on screen.

The film’s production has officially commenced, and despite the fact that Ali is expecting his first kid with wife Richa Chadha, he is fully immersed in his character as filming begins in Delhi. Fazal, who has already explored Anurag Basu’s cinematic realms, is primed to add depth and personality to his new role, strengthening his already illustrious career.