Marvel to recast Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America, and other Avengers after Avengers 6 – Deets inside

According to new reports, Marvel will recast the youthful Avengers in order to gently relaunch the MCU after Avengers 6. Continue reading to find out.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is unquestionably in desperate need of a lineup that restores our faith in the premise of these superheroes saving the planet.

After a string of films that were chastised for falling short of the Infinity trilogy, the studio is now attempting to resurrect the days when audiences were almost gasping for air when a new Marvel movie was unveiled.


According to new sources, Kevin Feige intends to soft reboot the MCU following Avengers: Secret Wars, also known as Avengers 6.

According to speculations, Feige has been making some extremely strange decisions for those who are unaware. Marvel President Kevin Feige is preparing a crossover between the animated Spider-Verse and the live-action MCU timeline in Avengers: Secret Wars. Now reports talk about a reboot. However, no one can rule out the idea because Secret Wars concludes the Multiverse Saga, implying that phase 7 will have to have a fresh beginning.

According to the latest rumours, Kevin Feige is busy making another significant choice, as he now aims to pursue the DC route by soft-rebooting the MCU like the house of Batman did with The Flash. During this process, he may wind up recasting two of his most famous characters, Iron Man and Captain America. The world after Avengers 6 appears to be in a state of chaos.

According to Fandom Wire, Kevin Feige intends to replace Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark as Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers aka Captain America, and the original Avengers following Avengers: Secret Wars, also known as Avengers 6. While it’s tough to imagine anyone else playing the original Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but Chris, Robert, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and others.

This move is part of a plan to soft-reboot the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Avengers 6. The OG gang will return at the start of Phase 7, but with younger actors playing them. While it will be a huge change and may not be acceptable to many at first, the notion deserves a try because the universe must progress. Keep an eye on Koimoi for updates.