Yash starring franchise’s third sequel will be released, according to KGF producers Hombale Films.

Producer Vijay Kiragandur of Hombale Films made a statement when Rocking Star Yash’s KGF: Chapter 2 hit theatres and stormed the box office in April of last year. Vijay not only confirmed that KGF: Chapter 3 was included in the banner’s upcoming movie roster, but also went ahead and said that they were looking at starting production as early as October or November of 2022 since the movie’s post-credit scene that teases the possibility of a third instalment in the KGF saga was by that point public knowledge.

The third installment of Sandalwood actor Yash’s well-liked KGF franchise is eagerly awaited by his fans. Hombale Films, the film’s producers, have now revealed that KGF: Chapter 3 will begin filming by 2025 due to Prashanth Neel’s commitment to the Prabhas-led Salaar till September of this year.


Fans speculated that Yash would continue with the franchise right away because he had not removed his KGF look, which included long hair and a beard, even after the film’s premiere with what was initially believed to be the saga’s final chapter. Additionally, there were rumours that he would start by developing a cameo role for KGF’s Rocky Bhai in the upcoming Prabhas film Salaar.

On his 37th birthday today, January 8th, Yash wrote a special message for his fans on social media. His Instagram caption read: To, my fans – my strength, The efforts you all put in to showcase your love and affection all year round and especially on my birthday, fill my heart with gratitude. I have never been a birthday person, but over the years, witnessing the enthusiasm with which you celebrate and being able to meet you in person to mark the day, has made it special.”

The Kannada actor further added, “I am working towards clinching something that I believe in and am passionate about. You are the ones who empower me to think bigger and better. When I meet you next, I want to share that news and all the details with you. To be able to do that, I need some more time, which seems unlikely by the 8th of January. So, this year, I ask you all a specific gift – the gift of your patience and understanding.”

According to the most recent information from Vijay Kiragandur, KGF: Chapter 3 will not begin production until 2025, which means that it will hit theatres in 2026. Furthermore, it is expected that Yash will make his Bollywood debut soon with two major projects.