Javier Bardem stars in the new dark-comedy ‘The Good Boss’

One of the most anticipated Spanish film is about to be world premiered on Sept. 21 at the San Sebastian Film Festival before its Spanish theatrical premiere on Oct. 15, distributed by Tripictures. Know more about the exclusively released trailer.

“The Good Boss” starring Javier Bardem and produced by Reposado P.C. and The Mediapro Studio, trailer released exclusively through Variety, The dark workplace comedy “The Good Boss” is ready for it’s San Sebastian world premiering.

As the trailer paints the picture, the eccentric and ironic film is one of the most anticipated title of this year, The film, owing to it’s brilliance, is also chosen to be one of the three picks for Spain’s International Feature Film Oscar submission.

The films had fans excited since it’s very fist announcement, two years ago. And now, with great reviews from critiques and the loud positive word of mouth has made it clear that the film is sure to make an impact in competition at the Basque festival.

Blancos Básculas factory is the premise of the film, the film revolves around the conflicts arissen in the workplace and how the seemingly ‘Good Boss’ dealt with surge in panic. The space has to be in balance all the time, since the factory manufactures scales of all sizes. Among all this, Bardem’s Blanco, is preparing his workforce for an upcoming inspection by a group visiting local businesses to select one for a prestigious prize.

The problems take a new turn, when an ex-employee shows up with his wife and children and demands reinstatement of his employment. But when the hiring team refuses, the employee starts to blackmail Bardem’s Blanco into rehiring him or see his name dragged through mud and loose his one chance to win the much-coveted award.

In the trailer we notice, Bardem’s Blanco driving pass the public property where the former employee has started his single man crusade against him, just outside the factory. In the trailer we are also introduced to Miralles, long time friend of Blanco’s, who has driven the car of his life off the bridge with his wrong choices and personal problems, the bond between the two, begs for the question, how far will Blanco go to help those he loves and when will his patience run out.

“The Good Boss” is produced by Reposado P.C. and The Mediapro Studio. The film will premier on Sept. 21 at the San Sebastian Film Festival before its Spanish theatrical premiere on Oct. 15, distributed by Tripictures.

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