Ghoomketu Movie Review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s film is Passable, a perfect example of a shoddy film

The film starts off with good aspirations but never cross the bar of expectations. A movie dedicated to make us laugh, rather leaves us confused and disappointed!

Director: Pushpendra Nath Misra
Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Ragini Khanna, Anurag Kashyap, Ila Arun, Raghubir Yadav
Business Upturn Rating: 2/5 stars


Bollywood, since its inception, has come up with a lot of stories which dealt with writers, their journeys, its glamorous life, the ugly truth behind and what not!

Because, we have seen a lot of struggle-stories, we crave for something which hits us right inside our soul and leaves us amazed about this industry.

Ghoomketu, which targeted the bull’s eye, just missed the mark with ‘six feet ki doori’. The story which follows the protagonist ‘Ghoomketu’ from Mohena to Mumbai, shows his struggle to be a writer, writing for biggies in Bollywood. This film is actually a film-in-film, just like the function you have on your phone, watching two things simultaneously on a single screen. But unfortunately, I could not retain our focus on anything and as a consequence, I am not going to be taking away anything from this film in the end.

The story starts off with Nawazuddin taking a lead to talk to the audience about his dramatic life in Mohena, and how he escapes with the aid of her beloved aunt played by Ila Arun. Next, we see Ghoomketu wandering in the dreamland and landing to a publishing office, ‘Gudgudiya’.

He expresses his desire of becoming a writer when his dreams are crushed by the editor of the publishing house who explains to him that it’s not easy to write for this industry. “Comedy likhna asaan nahi hai, logo ko hasi bhi aani chaiye”.

Well, if the writer-director would have implemented their own suggestions, this movie could’ve been something else.

In the middle of an unfunny conversation of Nawaz targeted to the audience, we get some glimpses of his family back in Mohena. The family is unnecessarily loud and complicated. Where on one hand, we have a father with anger issues, there is a politician chacha, supportive bua, not-giving-a-damn about anything, sauteli maa. Seems like 70s Bollywood right?

Back in Mumbai, we see, Nawaz with a 30 days deadline to prove his worth and get some work while on the contrary we see a cop who wants to find Nawaz to retain his job. Watch the movie to know why this cop wants Ghoomketu so bad!

The ambience of the movie is subtle, while the shots are apt according to the writing. There is not much fuss in direction and cinematography. The director has tried to create moments by showcasing Mumbai in its best form while the scenes in Mohena does engage you in all its rustic rawness. The movie takes off with the soothing voice of Jasleen Royal which gives a sense of calm and the item number in the middle, is, on the contrary, irritating but situational. Dialogues are repetitive, which makes you think about how much time, the writer has invested in the script. The writing is dragged and confusing.

I jumped right into the movie with enthusiasm but left with utter disappointment. With actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Ila Arun, Raghubir Yadav, you tend to expect a lot! Where Ila Arun and Raghubir Yadav is still a treat to watch for the sight, Nawazuddin Siddiqui slipped right in the role of struggling cum confused character. Unexpectedly, Anurag Kashyap fit the best in the role of the cop where he gave the honest imitation of the role and we request him to make more appearances like this! Swanand Kirkire appeared and disappeared from the screen just like smiles and laughter from our faces.

In a special appearance, we have, Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, Amitabh Bacchan. There is forced satire and spoof of famous scenes of your favourite movie to push the audience to shed some laughter. But it didn’t work as well!

The writer-director Pushpendra Nath Misra didn’t do justice with the talented characters loaded on the screen. It was like a radarless ship and hence to me, it was like – anybody can write that. In a 1 hr 40 minutes duration, you would take your phone out to scroll through Instagram for sure! It’s a passable entertainment as we are locked inside the house, and we have nothing else to do, we have to keep our entertainment craving with this shoddy film!