From Tubelight to Players: Bollywood movies that made us cry out of CRINGE

Here is a list of the most CRINGE Bollywood movies that you should not watch.

Bollywood is definitely one of the most popular movie industries in the world. From the most iconic dialogues to heartthrobbing actions, we’ve all grown up watching that with our eyes wide open. However, there are quite a lot of movies that make us ‘cringe’ so hard that we might pass out. Let us look into some of them.



Salman Khan hasn’t had much success with blockbusters in the past ten years. After the enormous success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the actor made a comeback in 2017 with a brand-new movie that had an intriguing plot. In this pre-independence India, Laxman, a mentally handicapped youngster, was bullied as a child, even though his younger brother Bharat always had his back. Laxman is left with little choice but to defend himself and make friends with a Chinese boy and girl as another era descends upon them and Bharat is inducted into the army. The boys manage to survive independence. The moving true story Little Boy by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde served as director Kabir Khan’s inspiration for the film Tubelight. And although the Bollywood adaptation was a failure, the original was a gem.



Priyadarshan’s 2012 project, loosely based on the Japanese thriller The Bullet Train from 1975, recreates the same idea with a fresh perspective on action, although one that lacks punch and looks dated. Tezz is centred around Aakash, an immigrant who is expelled from the UK due to his unlawful immigration. He comes to London years later, his blood tingling with retaliation. Together with his former workers, he plans to set off a bomb on a train, putting the lives of at least 500 people in jeopardy. The film combines flashy editing and jagged camerawork with all the elements of the best Hollywood action thriller.



Players, an awful heist movie, was Abbas-Mustan’s attempt to bring the action thriller genre back to life. It is an official remake of the legendary Hollywood film Italian Job and centres on Charlie Mascarenhas and his sidekick Riya, who are considered the best con artists in the nation. Charlie plans to put together a group of the greatest people and heist the train after learning that it is carrying gold ingots from Russia to Romania. Charlie and Riya set off on their terrible excuse of a well-thought-out heist with the support of a gifted hacker, a magician, an expert in explosives, and a makeup artist. Players is a complete disaster owing to its awful acting, gory graphics, and generally uninteresting narrative and action.