“Chengiz”: Jeet is back, the action-packed trailer offers a blockbuster

Chengiz trailer out now. Watch the trailer below!

For all the fans who have been impatiently awaiting “Chengiz,” Jeet’s highly awaited movie, it is time to celebrate. The upcoming movie’s trailer is already available, and it will undoubtedly make you anxious.

The trailer gives viewers a sneak peek into Chengiz and his brutal world while introducing Jeet as all-guns-blazing. The actor is seen in a completely different lethal yet stylish avatar in addition to the violent action and battle scenes, thundering background score, and whistle-worthy language. It’s interesting that the movie will concurrently debut this Eid in Bengali and Hindi.


The story follows Chengiz, an underworld boss who previously controlled the streets, as he travels through Calcutta from the 1970s to the mid-1990s, focusing on the underworld’s development throughout this time. In addition to Shataf Figar, Susmita Chatterjee, and Rohit Bose Roy playing significant roles, Rajesh Ganguly is the film’s director. The action film, which is based on a story by Neeraj Pandey and the director himself, has already raised the level of anticipation among viewers, particularly after the release of the Hindi and Bengali versions of the trailer.

For those who are unaware, the first song from the movie, “Widda,” was recently released and is already very popular. The song has the ideal vibe for a bouncy dance track thanks to its extremely upbeat beats and lyrics. In fact, Jeet’s fashionable appearance and enigmatic attitude in the song are also being praised. Aneek Dhar wrote the song’s melody, and Divya Kumar’s electrifying voice instantly made it popular. Panchhi Jalonvi wrote the lyrics, while Imran Sardhariya choreographed the dance for “Widda.”

On April 21st, the action thriller will premiere on a large screen in honour of Eid. Jeet’s most recent appearance was in the action movie “Raavan.”


Watch the trailer below: