Bouncers beat people watching Gadar 2 at Kanpur theatre for complaining about poor air conditioning – WATCH

Cops arrived on the scene and attempted to appease the enraged crowd by promising proper action.

While Gadar 2 continues to dominate the box office, the Sunny Deol film has also made headlines for feuds taking place at various theatres. Bouncers at the South X Kanpur cinema hall beat up guests seeing Gadar 2 on Wednesday for complaining about the bad air conditioning.

It all started when many people in the crowd complained to the cinema hall’s management about the bad air conditioning, which resulted in bouncers stationed on the premises beating them up. The event was captured on film and has since gone viral.


According to Jagran, Mithilesh Gupta, president of the Uttar Pradesh Dal Mill Association, who was at the screening with his family, claimed that once the air conditioning problem was resolved, the bouncers and management called his kids outside and pummelling them.

Cops arrived on the scene and attempted to appease the enraged crowd by promising proper action. The Kanpur Police Commissionerate also tweeted that a case has been filed under the relevant sections and that legal action is being taken.

In a similar occurrence, a screening of Gadar 2 at a theatre in Noida ended in an unpleasant experience for viewers when the projector at Logix Mall malfunctioned, causing a commotion. When the situation became out of hand, cops were called in to intercede before the projector began to work. The PVR team apologised for the inconvenience and promised a full refund to all customers.

Gadar 2 is a sequel to Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which was released in theatres in 2001. It is directed by Anil Sharma. Sunny Deol played Tara, a truck driver, and Ameesha Patel played Sakina in the film, which was set during India’s partition in 1947. Gadar 2 follows Tara Singh as he crosses the border in a brave attempt to save his son, Utkarsh Sharma, who has been kidnapped in Pakistan.

Gadar 2 debuted on August 11th, competing with Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2.