‘Bhramam’ designer talks about how she designed on the costumes for Prithviraj Sukumaranin the film

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Bhramam designer Akshaya Premnath: Credit should go to the actor for carrying costume gracefully.

In a chat with Pinkvilla, Bhraman’s designer Akshaya Premnath talks about how she designed and worked on the costumes for Prithviraj Sukumaran and other characters in the film.

The celebrity stylist Akshaya Premnath said: “Designing is an important element as it gives an identity and realistic approach to the character in a movie. Working on Bhramam was such a great experience, firstly we took a huge reference and discussion during the pre-production stage. I created the patterns, fabrics and prints for each character since the movie is happening in Fort Kochi, Kerala, so we stuck to the cultural aspect as well. After finalising the patterns, we have gone ahead with colour scheme. The most challenging part was I felt was Andhadhun is a hit movie so there shouldn’t be anything matching to the original version. We made colour scheme for each scene by talking to the director.”


She further added, “Working with Prithviraj sir is such a great experience. When we do costumes, 75 percent of the credit can be given to the designer but the other 25 percent has to go to the actor for the way they carry the costumes. And it was very comfortable working with Prithviraj and the star cast. Even though there are 7 to 9 characters in the film, each character can be identified based on their costume and colour schemes. I’m also very happy with the feedback I have received and people have called it a good remake too.”

Talking about designing costumes for films, Akshaya expressed, “This is my fourth Malayalam movie and when I style for a movie, I focus to do for the entire movie not just for particular character or lead actor. I love designing for the entire movie as it really gives a good outcome and I get to work on each scene with colours and patterns.”