Best of Pankaj Tripathi on his birthday


Pankaj Tripathi, one of the finest actors of Hindi Cinema made his debut in 2004 from small appearances in some of the Hindi films like Run and Omkara. But, he came under the light when he bagged the role of an antagonist in Gangs of Wasseypur and he slays the role as if it was meant for him. So. on his birthday, we will talk about the best of his screen appearances that are loved by everyone. Be it a nasty antagonist or comedian, a fierce gangster, or just a common man, he is here to rule the industry and he is here to stay.

Check out the best of Pankaj Tripathi in the list given below. Scroll Down.


He had a small role in this movie but he had to prove himself as an actor as he was sharing the screen with Naseeruddin Shah, Saurabh Shukla, Harsh Chayya, Vinay Pathak. All other actors were seasoned actors while back in 2008, Pankaj Tripathi was yet to prove his ability. He did manage to play a small role with the utmost precision and was praised for his performance.


Before, Mithiya, Pankaj was part of a National Award-winning feature film Dharm. He was cast for a supporting role. This movie was based on national integration and questioned religion. If you want to see Pankaj Tripathi and his acting in his initial struggle days, then you can find this series on Netflix.


Another movie where you can see his raw acting and his passion for this profession are Gurgaon. He plays the role of a real estate tycoon, whose daughter is kidnapped. He will take you on a ride with this movie and you will love his performance here as well. For a surprise, this movie is also available on Netflix. So, you can enjoy watching it.


Another movie that has Pankaj Tripathi is Maazii. He was in a supporting role in this movie. The story is good, the performances are good, and overall it is a good movie. It is available on youtube and you can watch the incredible story with a bowl of popcorn.


Masaan in itself is a masterpiece. As he wasn’t part of the entire movie, but his role was impactful and added value to the movie. This movie grasps you with its intriguing story and it indeed is amazing, as to how it unfolds the story bit by bit.

Gangs of Wasseypur

You can not just deny that you don’t like this movie. This movie was surely ahead of its time. Pankaj played the role of antagonists and it was incredibly amazing. You will love the way he has portrayed himself in that character. Not much to say about this movie as giving out spoilers will ruin the fun to watch this film.

Sacred Games

Do you remember being glued to Netflix, watching this amazing series? Pankaj was a part of this series, while not in the lead role again, but the role that was quite impactful and valuable for the series. It would have bee incomplete if he would not have been the part of this show.


Another series where he played the role of a nasty gangster is Mirzapur. While people are waiting for season 2, Pankaj has ruled the role he played in Season 1. This series is based on entangling the lives of two families and their mess in the lawless city of Mirzapur. It is definitely worth a watch. We recommend you to watch it one go and you will be super excited for part 2 as we all are.

Gunjan Saxena

His most recent work was in the recent Netflix movie, Gunjan Saxena. He played the role of Gunjan’s father and we all felt proud to have a father like him especially in our country where people are bonded by societal pressure. He motivates his daughter to be a pilot and she achieves it with his support and love. He gives major father goals to all of us.

These were some of the amazing works of Pankaj Tripathi that you might love to watch and just appreciate his love and passion for the profession of acting.

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