Best movies of Tyrese Gibson- Top 5 movies of his career

Here is the list of best movies of Tyrese Gibson that are considered to be the top five movies of his career.

Tyrese Gibson is an allrounder. He is an actor, an American singer, songwriter, author, rapper, model, VJ, and screenwriter. After the release of some of his albums, he bagged quite good roles in Hollywood and turned out to be one of the finest actors that we have seen on-screen. He has been a part of a lot of hit movies and he has a huge fan base. We have done our homework, and we have listed the best of his works as an actor.

Here is the list of top movies of Tyrese Gibson that are absolutely amazing.


Fast & Furious 6

Gibson appeared in this movie in the usual role he played in the Fast and the Furious franchise. He played the role of charismatic Roman Pearce. This movie follows Dominic Toretto’s gang of motor-enthusiast criminals and their war with a smattering of bigwig mercenaries in exchange for amnesty. It is good to watch movie and you will love the performances of all the actors in this film.

Baby Boy

This 2001 movie was a coming-age drama. It was a debut movie not only for Gibson but also for actress Taraji P. This movie follows the life of a bicycle mechanic and his struggle living in Los Angeles. The film was critically acclaimed and loved by the viewers for being realistic as well as for capturing the emotions in the best way.

Fast Five

The film, which follows Vin Diesel’s team as they attempt to lift $100 million cash from the leader of a criminal empire, also received appreciation from the critics as well as from the audiences of the Fast and the Furious Saga. It definitely paved way for Gibson to prove him as one of the most talented actors.

Furious 7

Another movie from the Fast and the Furious franchise, Furious 7 carved its name in the history of Tyrese Gibson’s career, making it one of his best movies so far. One of the best entries of this entire Franchise was Furious 7. Other amazing casts along with Gibson were Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, and Michele Rodriguez. They are the regulars in this movie.

The Take

This particular movie was a low-budget crime drama that turned out to be one of his best performances. The movie was low budget, thus it has nothing to lose yet gained a lot of appreciation. Watch it know how amazing this movie was directed and how every actor gave their best performances.

These were some of the best movies by Tyrese Gibson that you should watch. These are his best performances.