Aishwarya Rai reveals why she said no to Brad Pitt’s Troy

Aishwarya Rai reveals the reason behind her refusing the Hollywood film Troy starring Brad Pitt.

Actress Aishwarya Rai is known worldwide for her acting and her beauty. But not many know that she was offered the Hollywood film, Troy. She has finally opened up about why she rejected Brad Pitt starrer 2004 film.

She talked about how the work ethics in both the film industries were quite different. “Films in the West and here work differently in the sense that they meet you and then they say ‘green lit’ and they lock you off for some time because of the insurances. The way the entire film schedule is, you are locked off, which was very new for me,” she said.

She also mentioned how excited she was when offered such a huge film. She said that she couldn’t think of locking herself up for her part in the film as she had made many commitments in India.

“When Troy was spoken about, forget on the script level, they were saying at least 6-9 months to lock off (the schedule) because it is a huge film. We were like ‘wow.’ But obviously, we have a way of looking at it like – this is your part… lock off that kind of time when I had films here I was committed to, I couldn’t get myself to kick that to the kerb. You understand the impact of the cinema (Troy). It is exciting because these are huge offers,” she added.

She said that she realises that the movie could have helped her break the glass ceiling and prove a point, but she knew she wouldn’t be comfortable with it in the long run. Brad Pitt also expressed how much he wished to work with her.

“Given a chance, I would like to work with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, because she’s a versatile actor. She is one of the most popular actresses of Bollywood, who has achieved huge acclaim in the west for her style, beauty and acting. I think we missed an opportunity to be cast together for Troy.”

Aishwarya Rai has worked in many Hollywood films such as Bride and Prejudice and The Pink Panther 2.

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